Søltree creates a cosmic soundscape that provides an escape from the monotony of daily life. Jazmarae Beebe and Eve Berrington compose and perform their music with the intent of bringing science and spirit together. Each member acts as a multi-instrumentalist; weaving between synths, drums, and wind instruments while simultaneously singing lush melodies and harmonies. Their debut album, "Stardust," which focuses on themes of physiology, astro-biology, and environmental conservation, was recently released on the 20th of April, 2017 at the Laser Dome in Seattle.

Søltree has performed in Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin (SXSW), and New Orleans, and now internationally with the announcement of their European tour in August and September of 2017. The duo draws influences from modern jazz, R&B, and electronic music that together create an entrancing soundscape that appeals to listeners of all ages and backgrounds. 

Soltree just released their first music video, "Fire," filmed on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Soon to follow will be the Søltree Laser Dome Documentary, highlighting the performance and behind-the-scenes footage of the band in Seattle. The duo plans to take their music (and vision) around the Earth, and beyond.



Jazmarae is a powerful vocalist and an earnest songwriter. Coming from a long line of successful jazz players, she has developed a soulful sound all her own that roots her diverse background in a melancholy blend of jazz, soul, and pop influences.

A talented organizer and promoter, Jazmarae has put on successful shows and performed at music venues nationwide including Seattle’s Triple Door, New York City’s Silvana, and New Orlean’s Old U.S. Mint. She has shown her musical versatility with a wide variety of acts and in many different styles – ranging from singing jazz with the NATO band in Italy to performing as a multi-instrumentalist in the electronic-indie-pop duo, SØLTREE. She has shared memorable stages with Leroy Jones, Mr. Sipp, and Ruby Wilson; has recorded on albums with New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, Red Means Go, and Heels to the Hardwood, and has played at numerous festivals including Italy's Tuscia In Jazz Festival, New Orleans French Quarter Fest, and St. Louis, Missouri's Blues at the Arch.



Eve Berrington paints emotions with her instruments as a brush; through the Tenor Saxophone, the voice, or any other instrument she can get her hands on. She enjoys collaborating with any type of artist, and often is influenced by the modern jazz movement.

In 2015, she took her saxophone around Europe on a busking tour to meet jazz musicians and perform with artists globally. Upon return to Seattle, she met Jazmarae, and they would form Søltree.

Evie B looks forward to upcoming electronic collaboration with Andrew Houston and their work at SAE Hollywood, and KJ Sawka of Pedulum & Destroid.




Album Review by Seattle Synthwave

"Seattle based duo Søltree has used their superb musical abilities to create this beautiful, cosmic concept album. “Stardust” is an eight song voyage through life as we know it covering topics like creation, the elements around us, human emotion and questioning what it all means. Søltree’s music is wonderfully unique, with songs that mutate through different genres and tones. These complex musical compositions use varying combinations of synths, pianos, drum beats, saxophone and more. The memorable lyrics on the album really captivate with their powerful vocal duets. Overall, Stardust is not just an album, it is a deep experience that can expand your consciousness."

-Chris Schmoeckel

Album Release Review by Champagne Honeybee

"The Soltree album release was one of the most unique and awe inspiring performances that I have seen in years. Singer-songwriters Jazmarae Beebe and Eve Berrington crafted a stunning musical and visual experience in the Laser Dome at Pacific Science Center. Prior to the show, the room was buzzing with energy and excitement, as attendees took their places beneath the massive, rounded ceiling. When the lights went down, Eve and Jazmarae took us on a journey to the stars and back.

They performed tracks from their debut album, Stardust, as laser lights swirled in galactic patterns above our heads. The visuals were perfectly synchronized with the music, ebbing and flowing, contracting and growing along with the beats and melodies. The atmosphere was almost womb-like, with ethereal harmonies and pulsating rhythms that often mimicked a heartbeat. Their compositions took me to another place entirely, away from day to day stress and worries.

Soltree's thoughtful lyrics, powerful voices, and incorporation of acoustic instruments set them apart from most of the electronic music that I've heard. When the show concluded, I felt like I had been gently returned to Earth in a better state than when I'd left. It is a concert experience that I will not soon forget."

-Rani Weatherby of Champagne Honeybee


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